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About us

Třebíč catering company was established in 1992, it was focused on retail and catering activities. At the beginning we operated two restaurants and a grocery.

Since 2004 we spread up our activities to 3 restaurants. That year we also started to focus on complex catering services, mainly on preparing main meals for companies and businesspeople. In 2006 we started to operate a student‘s canteen in Západomoravská vysoká škola Třebíč (West Moravian University of Třebíč), Okružní 935. Since that we have been mainly focused on catering services and delivering noon meals.

Besides delivering meals we currently operate our restaurant and canteen Třebíčanka on the Charles‘ square in Třebíč and some other canteens and company canteens.
Our main services include

  • Company catering for all types of companies in Třebíč and surroundings
  • The Restaurant Třebíčanka, including rental services, with a separate smoking are and non-smoking lounge
  • The canteen Třebíčanka focused on traditional Czech cuisine
  • Receptions (both outdoor and indoor)
  • Complex reception services, banquets, coffee breaks
  • Parties, celebrations, family special occasions
  • Cultural and social events services
  • Gastronomic equipment rental services (plates, cutlery, glass, etc.) and furniture (grills, hot baths, etc.)
  • Laundry services for restaurants, hotels, several companies and businesspeople
  • Rental service and booking service of a Music club Béčko

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